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We don’t just believe, we know with absolute certainty that women–that is a truly united, awakened, evolved feminine consciousness–can and will fix our broken world and our ailing ecosystem. A truly united, awakened, evolved feminine consciousness can and will nurse Earth’s 7.6 billion inhabitants and the planet itself back to health from centuries of male dominance, violence, endless conflict and ecological destruction.

Women have the untapped POWER to transform life on Earth so that people worldwide lead safer, better, happier, healthier, calmer, more secure, more joyful, more loved and loving lives.

Beyond empowerment, beyond equality and beyond feminism women can be a powerful, potent force for truly meaningful transformation of a magnitude never before seen in all of human history. 

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What we are advancing is a concept and an idea that has never been presented before. The driving force of our business is knowledge and support for women evolving to their rightful place in our global societies–beyond empowerment, beyond equality and beyond the “ism” of feminism to assume a place of leadership that men have dominated for centuries.

A Human Metamorphosis


Power Women Diaries


have the power, the wisdom and the ability to create unprecedented global transformation

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“Skye Stanton Gold and Lucia Grace have done a mesmerizing job of creating a unique literary tapestry for readers. These authors knit the characters and the plot into one cozy pullover of a book offering the perfect escape for fans of women’s fiction with strong themes. Skye Stanton Gold and Lucia Grace handle women’s rights and their humanity more fully than any other novelist I have read.” 



One day, after hearing news of yet another disturbing, disheartening global occurrence, seemingly out of the blue Lucia Grace turned to me and said–“Skye, what if everyone who was violent, mean, cruel, abusive, and corrupt, suddenly vanished overnight?  And given the sudden disappearance of what would surely be a large percentage of Earth’s population, the majority of whom I’m certain would be male, what if woman, or rather, ‘feminine consciousness’, now had the opportunity to recreate the world we live in anew? You know, totally recreate how humankind lives on Earth, as if from a tabula rasa, a blank slate.”

What hatched from Lucia Grace’s masterful idea–after long years of gestation–is a truly revolutionary novel that interweaves traditional genres with a blueprint for the creation of a whole new paradigm in relation to Women, Power and Planetary Transformation.


The First Book In 
The Power Women Diaries Trilogy
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The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED    is the first book in a captivating trilogy that has the potential to ignite an unprecedented paradigm shift, so women make a quantum leap beyond empowerment and begin to transform our world.


The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED   blends drama, suspense, adventure and sensuality with a world– totally different in every conceivable way from how humankind has lived on Earth–recreated by truly empowered and evolved women in the future after “the boys”,  everyone that was mean, cruel, brutal and abusive, corrupt and heartless, vanished overnight. This captivating page turner allows the reader entry into a global civilization that is not based on our violent past, our destructive, conflict riddled present, or the dark, precipitous future we are racing towards. 

While primarily taking place in the present and the not too distant past, the future segments introduces the reader to a civilization never before seen on Earth, created by women free of all the restraints, programming and conditioning men have imposed on womankind for centuries. This grounding breaking novel allows the reader to experience what it would feel like, look like, and what it would be like to live in that world.


Can you imagine a world without hate or violence, or suffering, a world without danger and conflict, without weapons or armies or even borders?

Gold and Grace pull out the stops in this blockbuster of a novel. These authors know how to create memorable characters with a cause greater than themselves, a strong plot, and unyielding suspense. Readers’ Favorite Review

Sara Parker, a highly acclaimed journalist grows increasingly despondent after the events of 9/11. During her darkest hours she falls into a trance-like sleep and awakens 125 years in the future in a totally different reality. There she is met by a woman of wisdom, who is her guide and teacher in this future world, brought into being by women after the night all the “Boys”–the corrupt powerbrokers, terrorists, bloodthirsty dictators, and everyone who was violent, abusive and heartless suddenly vanished overnight. It is a world of astonishing beauty, harmony and gentleness, whose highly evolved inhabitants’ possess such great secrets as eternal youth and powers we would consider miraculous or impossible.

Sara is a fully-fleshed out hero that you will connect with and admire. As you read, you will find yourself entertaining Sara's world and will become convinced that feminine consciousness could create such a positive reality. In order to have such a reality, you have to first imagine that it can exist, and this is what the novel does--it frees the imagination toward a new way of thinking. Readers’ Favorite Review

The experience of this woman’s world and the unconditional love and acceptance she experiences from her guide transforms Sara and alters the course of her life. Upon her return to the present her talks about this future world gives birth to a new women’s movement that unites and empowers womankind to such a degree the male power structure is so threatened a contract is put out on her life and the lives of her daughter, her granddaughter, and her son-in-law. She and her family are forced to go into hiding, protected by a band of remarkable women who shuffle Sara from one exotic location to the next, working tirelessly to protect her and her family and safeguard the precious knowledge she carries and keep the movement alive. The story weaves back and forth between Sara’ present, her past and the future.

The good news is that this is the first book in a trilogy, so there is more to come. If you're looking for a gripping novel with something to say, get your hands on The Power Women Diaries: Sara's Story--The Night the Boys All Vanished. Readers’ Favorite Review


“This suspenseful page-turner is so taught, so well-written, I could not put it down. After reading this novel I had the feeling that we can do it! YES! Women are better, smarter, stronger, wiser!  YES! We can change the world and get it right this time! This is one book that is going to remain in print for generations of women.”  

 "The writing is very, very powerful. This book really opened my eyes to what women can do."  

“I love this book. There are passages I intend to read over and over again. The idea that women/‘feminine consciousness’ could/would ‘recreate’ a new glorious world was brought so vividly to life I was only disappointed when I learned ‘to be continued’ meant a future book when what I wanted was more - right now! I can’t wait until it’s made into a movie.”      

WOMEN have the power, the wisdom, and the ability to create unprecedented global change. But before this untapped power can be actualized WOMEN have to awaken, evolve and ignite an internal  Shift In Consciousness.

The key to this transformation and Shift In Consciousness is feeding the Imagination–not the same rehash of the same old stories but–a wholly different way of living, being and inter-relating with one another that is distinctly feminine consciousness based, and is different in every conceivable way than humankind's violent, destructive past, our dark, divisive, fearful present, and the rather alarming future male consciousness envisions and is in the process of implementing at close to warp speed.

Everything in our outer world springs from our Imaginations 


is one of the two most powerful tools you–and every other human on Earth–have at your disposal. Imagination–what we dream of, think of and see in our minds eye–is how we continually create the world we live in. Both our individual personal worlds and the collective world at large is a reflection of what we are thinking and feeling and picturing in our minds. 


Before there was a towering skyscraper, an automobile, a dress, a weapon, a Smartphone or the electronic/digital device you are reading this on, it was Imagined in someone’s mind. Our inner world creates our outer world–what we perceive with our five senses and experience as “reality”.


In the past men have dreamed of creating empires, of amassing great wealth and power, of dominating and controlling others, of conquering and enslaving nations, of building sprawling cities and monolithic corporations. In fact, they imagined every aspect of the world we live in. You may not realize it, but practically everything in your life and how you live, and how future generations will live–for they are dreaming up humankind’s future–is a product of man’s imagination or to be more accurate, male consciousness.


An alternative vision. As impossible as it may sound, we can have a world that is calm and peaceful, that is safe, that is healthy, caring and compassionate, a world where fear is unknown because there is nothing to fear, where war and environmental destruction is a distant memory from the past because people live in harmony and balance with each other and nature.


In order to have a different world whose inhabitants live in peace and harmony with one another and all of life, and in sustainability with this magnificent blue planet that is our earthly home in the vast reaches of space, we have to begin to Imagine it.



IMAGINE a world where you always feel safe, absolutely certain that you, your loved ones or anyone else will never be harmed.


IMAGINE a world where you always feel loved and cared for, no matter what.


IMAGINE a world where there is no time pressure, no stress, and no anxiety.


IMAGINE a world where radiant health is the norm, where people don’t age.


IMAGINE a world that is peaceful, where conflict, anger, and fear are unknown.


IMAGINE a world whose inhabitants don’t have to work and can have or experience whatever they desire using an inner power of creation.


IMAGINE a world that is visually stunning, that feels so good it vibrates sensuality.



Problem is, it is close to impossible to Imagine a different world because this is the only world, the only way of living and interacting that we know and have ever known. We can’t picture a totally different world, a women’s world because there are no role models, no precedents.

The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS                          ALL VANISHED    can help you get started in liberating your Imagination so you can begin visioning a wholly different world, a world that actualizes powers inherent in all of humankind that men are unable to tap into, so that our lives are safe and secure, and our global civilizations live in peace and harmony and sustainability. A world created by women life yourself.


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"I’ve bought copies of the book for all my friends."  

“The Night the Boys All Vanished” would make a fantastic movie, I would love to see it on the big screen.” 

“This beautifully written book not only captivates and entertains, more than any other book I’ve read I feel that this novel can and will enable women to finally make a powerful difference in healing the Earth as well as ourselves.” 

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