About us


Lucia Grace and I have a wide range of experience in the creative arts. Between us we have backgrounds in fine art, interior design, scenic and lighting design, still photography, cinematography and directing and writing for film. We are also the co-creators of YOUR PERSONAL STRESS RELIEF PROGRAM™.


The main focus of our lives has been simply being with each other 24/7 and Loving each other over all else, no matter what; which as I’m sure you realize is not all that simple in this world. We utilize our loving relationship to evolve past all the blocks and barriers that keep people separate and in conflict and be each other’s student and teacher in transforming and evolving to a higher, more aware state of consciousness. 

While everyone’s focus is on work, career and family our life for the past thirty + years has centered on accessing the superconscious (also known as the Higher Self in the metaphysical realm but I don’t want to scare readers off by using that term) to be our own and each other’s source for cultivating inner awareness, and transformational guidance–and to use this heightened awareness and inner guidance to traverse the everyday, practical world, from a place of inner peace, radiant health and balance. That above all else has been our main priority and as you might imagine, our great on-going challenge.



In addition to our creative output, we have combined our evolutionary state with our ability to “see” with laser-like insight into human behavior to assist a select cross-section of individuals in a relatively short term process leading to life altering changes–in managing and mastering stress, in healing relationships and childhood trauma, in finding inner peace, love and satisfaction in their lives, and in simply feeling good about themselves, in feeling empowered and for some, the attainment of a more evolved, more satisfying state of living and simply being. 

What all these different individuals who have engaged in this organic process with us, is that without exception, they realized positive changes in many, or all aspects of their lives: be it in health, career, in opening to love, or in healing relationships, or in liberating themselves from esteem-depleting behavior, allowing them to feel good about themselves.