We could have a billion electric vehicles on the road by 2050. Great news for the environment, right? Not when it comes to sourcing metals for a billion battery packs…Each EV with a 75-kW-hr battery pack requires 124 pounds of nickel, 18 pounds of lithium, and about 15 pounds each of manganese and cobalt, plus 187 pounds of copper…Boosting mining operations to cover a billion such EV batteries in he face of steadily declining ore grades will force establishment of new strip or tunnel mines and or wider or deeper mining of additional rock, which will require more energy and chemicals, contaminate more water, generate more toxic waste, cause environmental damage, and/or displace additional wildlife and human populations. Many of these minerals also happen to be located in not-so-nice parts of the world–meaning making ethically challenging deals with political strongmen who care more for looting the till than for human rights. MOTOR TREND MAGAZINE 8/2020

It would be funny were it not so tragic, but the same primitive-based male consciousness that’s created all the many problems–that overwhelm and stagger the mind–confronting and affecting humankind and the planet, are the “authorities” and the thinkers that are coming up with the solutions and ideas for “saving the planet”.

Even though it may seem that our species is so advanced, male consciousness is confronting our world’s problems with the same LIMITED consciousness, the same limited way of thinking which originated with our primitive ancestors, that sees the physical/material world as the only possible reality, which then only creates more problems when they try and come up with solutions as the quote from Motor Trend Magazine illustrates.

Despite the efforts of the best and brightest among us–all the great thinkers, all the Nobel Laureates–in terms of consciousness (how we think, feel, speak, act and therefor what we believe) fundamentally, at the very core of male consciousness, not much has changed over the centuries since our primitive male ancestors took their first tentative steps out of their caves, grunted, and began swinging clubs and throwing rocks at each other.


The world we live in, the world of our mothers, our grandmothers, our great grandmothers, our great, great grandmothers and so on all the way down the line, has been thought up and brought into being by Men/Male Consciousness with no input whatsoever by Women/Feminine Consciousness. And despite appearances, nothing has changed, in fact given that our digital, wireless technological and soon to be virtual world has been conceived and is run almost exclusively by men, they are even more in control of all our lives and our future and our children’s future than ever before.


All decisions affecting not just people, but all of life as well as Earth’s natural resources and ecosystem, erupt into our world from the ancient caldera of male consciousness.

What cannot be refuted is that the troubled, fearful, chaotic, conflict riddled global communities we live in, and Earth’s ailing planetary ecosystem is the result of men’s creation. What most people also don’t realize now that women have finally thrown off the shackles only sixty odd years ago and liberated themselves from the confines of the home, from having no real measure of power and having no voice, is that everything in our future will be no different because the same male consciousness that created our global societies has not embraced feminine consciousness and continues to dominate and control our world and run the global show.


Women have done a brilliant job in such a relative short time taking on male qualities to survive and thrive in a man’s world. But the answer is not in becoming more and more like men, but in awakening to the untapped power and potential of feminine consciousness. If you want to see what women can really do, what women are capable of, and ignite your imagination which is where our material world springs from, open a copy of the following book. After reading it you will view yourself and your gender in a whole new


©, 2020 Lucia Grace, Skye Stanton Gold