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We’ve heard it said that behind every successful man is a women. It’s time that
centuries long scenario is turned around: a transference of power with men in the
supporting role.

It’s time men admit that they have made a mess of things. Not just recently, but century after century after century. It’s time that male consciousness admits the world they created is so broken, beyond their, or any gender’s ability to repair.

The founders and controllers of our global societies and our lives, the dominant force in human civilization, have not only succeeded in bringing us to the early stages of the
terminal illness of our eco-system and our ailing planet’s ability to support life, but in
many fundamental ways, even with all their technological advances and great
accomplishments, life on Earth is as bad–actually in many ways–worse than ever. If
anything, the hate, the violence, the cruelty, the sexism, the racism, the meanness, the
divisiveness, the corruption, the authoritarian repression, the personal and global conflict has accelerated. So give up the reigns boys.


When the “boys” who had been running General Motors since its inception ran it into the ground to the point where this giant had to file for bankruptcy in 2008, and then in 2014 when the proverbial shit really hit the fan, the boys in one of the most male dominated global industries did just that. They elected a woman, Mary Barra as CEO–the first and still the only women to head a major automotive manufacturer–to take the flak that was coming at them from all sides.

Before she could even it in her new chair, let alone redecorate her new office, Ms. Barra
was called before a Senate Committee to testify about a faulty ignition switch that was
linked to at least 13 deaths and sparked a 2.6 million-vehicle recall. During her first year
as head of the behemoth, General Motors had to issue 84 safely recalls that
encompassed 30 million vehicles. Yet she’s done a better job of running the corporation than any of her predecessors.


Women running a world that male consciousness thought up and brought into being is
not going to cut it. While she’s doing a great job, Ms. Berra still has to contend with a
board of directors dominated by men, but what is really insidious is that she’s also
running a corporation thought up by men, making products thought up by men, using
manufacturing methods implemented by men, and having to operate under laws, rules, regulations and an economic system thought up and put into practice by men. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the idea.


Women running the world they had no part in thinking up, or forming for thousands upon thousands of years is not going to change much, if anything. You will still have war and rape and violence and global health crises and the further destruction of our ecosystem and all the other mind-boggling problems humankind seems incapable and unable to resolve.

You can’t create a better world with the same old primitive-based consciousness, with
the same old convoluted way of thinking, with the same old systems and structures in
place, bound and packaged together by centuries of limiting beliefs as to the nature of


You can’t create a global civilization whose core essence is safety, security and
compassion with a consciousness that generates fear, anger, disharmony, aggression and heartlessness without let up. You can’t create a sustainable world with a consciousness that sees itself as separate from nature and all other living things and views nature as a resource to be exploited no matter what the consequences. You can’t create a just, caring world with a consciousness whose primary operating system is power and profit.

You can’t create a peaceful world with a consciousness that revels in conflict, that sees
itself as separate from one another. You can’t create a world free of pain and suffering
with a consciousness that generates pain and suffering with the force of a massive
power plant operating around the clock and never shuts down. You can’t create a world free of violence with a consciousness that does not value life. You can’t create a loving world with a consciousness infected with hate and intolerance.


If womankind wishes to have a different world; a better, loving, safer, harmonious and
kinder world the only way create it is with a Shift In Consciousness. A shift from the
male consciousness that has dominated and controlled our world since our beginnings on Earth, to a feminine based, awakened and evolved consciousness.


One the transference of power is in the works, make no attempt to fix the same old
broken system. That would be like trying to put a new coat of paint on a crumbling house whose foundation and internal structures have been eaten away by termites, and suffers from dry rot, rusting pipes, frayed wiring, and gaping holes in the outer walls and roof.

What is needed is a transition over a period of time. Women awakening from centuries
of programming, control, conditioning and beliefs foisted on their minds from infancy by a dominant primitive male consciousness. This transitional time can be best utilized to focus on evolving beyond all of the above to a whole other level.


Imagination is key in this process. Male consciousness only sees and operates in two to three dimensions, when reality encompasses multiple , unlimited dimensions. It’s like someone who can only see in black and white and therefor cannot have any conception of color. This world view has restrained the imagination of feminine consciousness to a narrow perimeter, a sliver of what is possible, like seeing a crescent moon and thinking that is all there is to the moon.


Once a core of feminine consciousness evolves, women can finally begin experiencing the many untapped powers inherent in an evolved civilization and begin the process of transforming how humankind lives and inter-relates on Earth, so life on our magnificent planet is a joy and a delight rather than a bad dream from which we can’t awaken.

The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED    is the first book in a captivating trilogy that has the potential to ignite an unprecedented paradigm shift, so women make a quantum leap beyond empowerment and begin to transform our world.


The First Book In 
The Power Women Diaries Trilogy


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