IMAGINE a world where you always feel safe, absolutely certain that you, your loved ones or anyone else will never be harmed.


IMAGINE a world where you always feel loved and cared for, no matter what.


IMAGINE a world where there is no time pressure, no stress, and no anxiety.


IMAGINE a world where radiant health is the norm, where people don’t age.


IMAGINE a world that is peaceful, where conflict, anger, and fear are unknown.


IMAGINE a world whose inhabitants don’t have to work and can have or experience whatever they desire using an inner power of creation.


IMAGINE a world that is visually stunning, that feels so good it vibrates sensuality.



It is close to impossible to IMAGINE a different world because this is the only world, the only way of living and interacting that we know, and have ever known. We can’t picture a totally different world, a women’s world because there are no role models, no precedents.


To help you get started in liberating your IMAGINATION so  you can begin visioning a wholly different world, a world created by an awakened, evolved FEMININE CONSCIOUSNESS we’ve written a ground-breaking novel, The Power Women Diaries:Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED.


Century after century little girls and women are force-fed all manner of fairy tales, which more often than not are presented as facts, as “truth”. This formidable form of brainwashing–a more accurate term would be programming–is intended to keep the female half of the population that is far wiser, far more capable, non-violent, and blessed with the capacity to grow and birth new life, disempowered, so the male half of the global population can continue to maintain its position of power and control and impact the life of every living thing, every life form on this planet.



An alternative perspective of the world we live in and insight as to how an awakened, evolved feminine consciousness can create personal and planetary transformation


Before you read this, we want to make it perfectly clear that we are not anti-male or anti-anything for that matter. We are for a better, kinder, more peaceful, conflict-free, world for everyone on Earth.


We are for joy, for love, for laughter that comes from the heart, for ease in people’s lives, for a healthy well-fed global population, for an end to war and pain and suffering, for living in harmony and sustainability with this magnificent blue planet - our home in the vast, unfathomable reaches of space - and for the awakening and empowerment of everyone, especially women.





Women can transform how we live and interrelate with each other and our fragile, ailing ecosystem. But first feminine consciousness has to awaken, has to snap out of the programmed, socialized hypnotic trance it’s been under since–well, forever.


Womankind has to awaken from the lies it’s been force fed for thousands of years that it’s not good enough, not capable enough, not powerful enough, not brilliant enough, not wise enough, and lately, that women have to be more and more like men to succeed in the world when the complete opposite is true, because in truth men’s idea of success is not successful at all, never has been and never will be.


There is the illusion that women’s lives are better, that women have real power, that women have been set free from centuries of repression, subjugation and male violence. But it’s just that, an illusion. Even though the health of our planet and our future is in peril, men are richer, more powerful, and more in control of all our lives than they have ever been, and Women still have almost no say, no real voice in shaping our world and creating our future.


And what of the world we live in, the world that Male Consciousness has created and controlled?


Despite the efforts of the best and brightest among us­–all the great thinkers, all the Nobel Laureates–in terms of consciousness (how we think, feel, speak, act and what we believe) fundamentally, at the very core of male consciousness not much has changed over the centuries since our primitive male ancestors took their first tentative steps out of their caves, grunted, and began swinging clubs and throwing rocks at each other.


The world we live in, the world of our mothers, our grandmothers, our great grandmothers, our great, great grandmothers and so on all the way down the line, has been thought up and brought into being solely by Men/Male Consciousness with no input whatsoever by Feminine Consciousness. And despite appearances, nothing has changed, in fact given that our digital, wireless technological world has been conceived and is run almost solely by men, they are even more in control of all our lives and our future and our children’s future than ever before.


Practically everything you are taught to believe and believe in, emanated and continues to emanate from men’s minds. All decisions affecting not just people, but all of life as well as Earth’s natural resources and ecosystem, erupt into our world from the ancient caldera of male consciousness.

Everything in your life and in our world has originated and continues to sprout from male thinking, male beliefs and male ideas.


What cannot be refuted is that the troubled, fearful, chaotic, conflict riddled global communities we live in, and Earth’s ailing planetary ecosystem is the result of men’s creation. What most people also don’t realize now that women have finally thrown off the shackles only sixty odd years ago and liberated themselves from the confines of the home, from having any measure of power or having a voice, is that everything in our future will be no different because the same masculine consciousness that created our global societies has not embraced feminine consciousness and continues to dominate and control our world and run the global show.


It would be funny were it not so tragic, but the same male consciousness that’s created all the many problems–that overwhelm and stagger the mind–confronting and affecting humankind and the planet, are the “authorities” and the thinkers that are coming up with the solutions and ideas to “save the planet”.


So how do we create real change? 




Humankind is at a crossroads. If we are to not just survive as a species, but also thrive, we must change from a fear based, conflict riddled, environmentally destructive global society to a more aware, evolved state. What this takes is a Shift in Consciousness.


A Shift in Consciousness Is How Change Occurs


Before anything can materialize is has to first take shape in our mind. Everything in our physical world originates as a thought. What we are thinking, feeling and therefore acting out is the basis of consciousness. A Bristlecone pine with a life span of 5,000 years as well as a redwood tree tall enough to pierce the clouds, sprout from just a tiny little seed.


What resonates in our minds in the form of thoughts

and feelings become the seeds of our personal and collective reality


If we want a different world; a world that is calmer, safer, that is free of conflict and fear, that is kind and compassionate, that is sustainable, that honors and empowers feminine consciousness, we need a quantum Shift in Consciousness –a shift in how we think and feel and therefore act–that is the only way change of a magnitude heretofore unknown will occur, everything else is a band-aid.


The shift we speak of is a change from the consciousness that has dominated and controlled our world to an awakened and empowered feminine consciousness as the prime movers and creators of our world. The central purpose of our fiction and non-fiction work is to ignite a Shift in Consciousness in the individual leading to a better experience of life, and ultimately a better world for everyone on Earth.


Women have done a brilliant job in such a relative short time taking on male qualities to survive and thrive in a man’s world. But the answer is not in becoming more and more like men, but in awakening to the untapped power and potential of feminine consciousness.


Women awakening from thousands and thousands of years of socialization, repression, abuse and conditioning and discovering the mighty innate power they possess to create and to effectuate unprecedented change can and will transform our world!



Transformation in how we think and feel, and act takes place one person at a time. When a critical mass is attained you have a Shift in Consciousness, and that’s when the world changes. An awakened feminine consciousness (which by its nature is not gender related) can save us from the brink of the catastrophic events hovering on the horizon, can heal an endangered planet. An awakened feminine consciousness can put an end to centuries of warfare, rape, abuse, violence, and killing. An awakened feminine consciousness can put an end to the hunger and starvation that face millions of people every day.