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Please read the following before reading  Another View™


The world has always been filled with authorities declaring and trumpeting “my way is the right way”, “the only way”. Religious leaders, scientists, experts, analysts, educators, parents–especially fathers, fashion and beauty editors, self-help gurus, guru’s gurus, sages, news pundits, social media icons. You name it, there are multiple authorities for it. It’s a long parade we have no desire to march in. 


It’s our hope that what you read resonates with you, that it makes a positive difference in your life in all possible ways. But if it doesn’t resonate or you disagree that’s fine. We have no desire or need to be right, or to have a debate, or be any of the authorities we’ve mentioned. As you read the following know that it comes from a place of love and caring. All we ask is that you simply reflect on what we’re presenting and keep an open mind.


Skye & Lucia


Another View…Of Just About Everything™


Women Power & Equality









Although we will be using both designations, our preference is to refer to men and women in terms of Consciousness–masculine consciousness for men, and feminine consciousness for women.  Consciousness is the core, the essence of how we think and feel. Consciousness defines us and determines our outer world–how we live, how we inter-relate, what we do and what we create.


Although Power comes first in the title of this blog let’s put that aside for a few moments and look at Equality.




In pursuing Equality women are chasing after a pipe dream that feminine consciousness will never realize; for two main reasons. 


The Alpha males that took control the moment our primitive ancestors crawled out of the sea or dropped from the trees, have been running the global show century after century, generation after generation, keeping a tight grip on the reigns of power without let up. So they are certainly not going to let go and share their power and control over our world and its inhabitants with heaven forbid–women, who they had managed to restrain, subdue, muzzle and repress for thousands of years until the gates crumbled a mere fifty or sixty years ago. 


But there is a more compelling reason why Equality is impossible. 


Equality is not only impossible, it is a limiting concept, a limiting pursuit for the simple reason that aside from brute strength–


Women are Superior 

& Better than Men in Every Way!


If only given half a chance it would be obvious that feminine consciousness is wiser, smarter, more capable, more adaptable, much more able and much more fun than its male counterpart. One need only look at the utter mess men have made of life on Earth and of the planet. Of course we realize that saying women are better than men at practically everything is a generalization. But then again men have been using generalizations to demean and repress women for centuries. 



“Women are unable”…“women are weak”…“women are not as smart as men”…“women aren’t capable”…“women are too emotional”…“women are inferior”. 


To site some examples past and present out of an infinity of choices….


“The brain being smaller and weaker is not suited to scientific matters. God made women for other things then medicine.” 


From the TV series:“BRAMWELL:  

Sir Herbert Hamilton, the chief of surgery and head of a hospital in 1890’s London telling Dr. Eleanor Bramwell why he is tossing her out from his hospital after she told him in no uncertain terms that he butchered a young mother needlessly.


If you think this is just fiction and is outdated, we would like to remind you of the following which took place not all that long ago in 2017. 


SAN FRANCISCO Google…fired a software engineer who wrote an internal memo that questioned the company’s diversity efforts and argued that the low number of women in technical positions was a result of biological differences instead of discrimination.   BUSINESS DAY ONLINE


Another illustration of how men are still putting women down in order to assert their so-called superiority; 44 years after the “Battle of the Sexes” when millions of people saw Billy Jean King trounce former tennis champion Bobby Riggs who boasted that “no woman could beat him”. 


John McEnroe, another former tennis champion, “recently said that Serena Williams would rank ‘like (number) 700 in the world’ if she played on the men’s circuit.” THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 11, 2017


We’re citing these and the following examples because we feel it’s vital to shine the light on these shadowy feminine self-esteem killers, to expose them so they can no longer going on doing their dirty work.


We recently viewed “Their Finest” a film that takes place in England during the early years of the Second World War. The main protagonist is a young woman who is hired by a production team–consisting solely of men–making a propaganda movie to shore up the British People’s moral. 

The film within a film is about twin sisters who braved the rough crossing of the English Channel and attack by the German army and air force, in a dinky little cockle boat (one of 900 navy and civilian ships and boats ) to evacuate a handful of the 338,000 retreating British soldiers that were stranded on the shores of Dunkirk. While being interviewed by the head writer for the job, the young woman–who turns out to be the best writer on the team–is told she is expected to write “the slop”. When she asked what exactly that is, she’s told it’s “girl talk”. 


In another scene,  when she is discussing a heroic act that takes place in the story, the young screenwriter wants one of the twin sisters to perform it, but the head writer insists that a man do the deed. “This is Rose and Lilly’s story but you won’t let them do anything”, she counters. But the head writer won’t hear of it. “They’re girls, girls don’t want to be the hero, they want to have the hero, to be had my him,” is his smug, authoritative, reply. The film may have taken place during the WWII, but that same dismissive attitude still pervades the dominant male consciousness today. 


In a column in The Wall Street Journal, titled Jane Austen Without Her Name, Amanda Foreman lists the long line of famous female authors before the mid-nineteenth century who either published their work anonymously or used a male pseudonym because– 

“women’s writing was seldom taken seriously as Charlotte Brontë discovered when she sent her poetry to poet laureate Robert Southey, who responded: ‘Literature cannot be the business of a woman’s life’  ”. …In practice, certain prejudices just won’t go away, making a pen name appear to be the only option. Joanne Rowling, author of the Harry Potter novels was advised to become J.K. Rowling because…’boys might frown on picking up a book by a woman’  ”.


Forgive us but we just can’t restrain ourselves from an additional example. When we were growing up in the analog age, and even later in our adult years, “woman driver!” was an insult hurled by men at other male drivers. It’s just another out of hundreds, probably thousands of examples, some subtle, some not so subtle of generalisations that males used to put down and demean women.


So how do you explain the following? Very few people are aware that without a feat of bravery on the part of a woman, the automobile would never have gotten off the ground. Karl Benz’s Patent Motor Car (1885–1886) which is credited with being the first production automobile was going nowhere, until his wife took the figurative reigns. 



Bertha Benz's husband, Karl Benz, patented the first automobile designed to produce its own power in January 1886. Anxious to prove the worth of her husband's invention beyond the limits of their village - in which they had been forbidden to drive the car, early on a Sunday morning in August of 1888-without Karl's knowledge-Bertha Benz, with her sons Richard and Eugen, fourteen and fifteen years old, drove in one of Benz's newly constructed Patent Motorwagen No. 3 automobiles from Mannheim to Pforzheim, becoming the first person to drive an automobile over more than a very short distance.


On the way, she solved numerous problems. Her mettle and understanding of the technical operations of the car was proven as every mile brought some challenge. Failure was something Bertha's strong will would not accept. She used her hatpin to unclog a fuel line; her garter provided insulation for an electrical short; a blacksmith repaired the drive chain; an apotheke in Wiesloch supplied ligroin, the petroleum-based cleaning fluid that powered the car; and a cobbler installed leather on the failing brakes. Every small hill posed a trial, solved with young Richard at the steering tiller while Eugen and Berta pushed. While just a 60-mile journey that took one day, it was the first automobile journey of any distance. Of note is that this first excursion was not undertaken by any of the men working on such machines; it was a young woman and her sons. Though the initial journey was remarkable, it was the information gained from the excursion that delivered a quantum leap in automobile technology - and provided a basis for Carl Benz's eventual success. In addition to providing moral and financial support, she might be considered the first test engineer in the automobile's earliest days.


FROM WIKIPEDIA & Star: Mercedes Benz Club of America Magazine



The duel ironies are that once Bertha Benz publicised her husband’s invention, for the next hundred or so years men did a rather good job of keeping the majority of women out of the driver’s seat, and the automotive industry that grew out of Carl’s invention remains one of the most male centric industries in the entire world.




There are one or two things women aren’t as good at as men. Lifting very heavy objects and brutality are two possibilities, although women can be as brutal as men if they really tried. We’re sure there are other things but none come to mind at the moment. Sure women can be violent and cruel, sometimes more so than men. We don’t want to defend abhorrent behavior, but the female gender has thousands of years of being bound, of being repressed and held back, at being on the receiving end of torture, burnings at the stake, rape, horrific beatings and verbal abuse, to name a few of the more popular male forms of expression.


The other thing in which women lag behind men is aggression. But not for long, it appears that the gap is getting smaller and smaller practically on a daily basis. Women are simply catching up because you have to. If you are a woman you can’t be soft, you can’t be kind, you can’t be compassionate or tender or gentle if you are to succeed–heck to just keep your head above water and survive–in the world that male consciousness has created and perpetuated century after century. 


Being sensitive, or displaying your emotions is treated as if it were a disease, at the very least not the mark of a leader. Women have to be tough, have to kick ass, have to reign in those tears, have to beat out the next guy, have to be super competitive, you have to put amour plating around your heart, stifle your emotions–be more like men if you want to get ahead, want the perks, the power, the control. Which is sad because all of that dilutes and suppresses the real power that women–feminine consciousness–has been blessed with.









To discover the untapped power that is unique to feminine consciousness you have to first look at Men’s idea of Power–which women are forced to adhere to because you are playing by their rules, their laws, playing in their game, a game the “Boys” have had centuries to define–is the need to dominate and control both other humans and other living things as well as our physical environment–by whatever means at their disposal; be it by position, wealth, influence, celebrity, or divine right; presidential edict, bullying tactics, deceit, mis-information, intimidation, corruption, humiliation, manipulation or by the bulldozer; chainsaw, explosives and weapons, murder, rape, religious dogma, torture, threat of nuclear missiles, verbal and physical abuse, anger, violence, police, armies, parental or educational authority, by law, by war, by brutality; or simply that they can fire you from your job or wreck your career.


Power in the hands of those who command it in the world that male consciousness has created is almost certain to be misused and abused. Power in the world that male consciousness has perpetuated and controls has brought century, after century, after century of unimaginable pain and suffering, not to mention misery, inequality, injustice and heartbreak instead of joy and peace and happiness, even for those wielding the power and domination over others. 













 Skye Stanton Gold


What if you looked at Power from a whole other perspective? Just for these few moments forget everything you know, everything you’ve been taught, everything you see and feel about power. 


First of all who on Earth is really powerful?  Sure we have men and a sprinkling of women who wield worldly power–presidents and prime ministers, head’s of state, dictators, CEOs, generals, terrorist leaders, ultra-wealthy individuals, billionaires who pull the strings behind the scene in politics and government, sports icons, creators of internet social media sites and online multi-billion dollar businesses, big players in Hollywood and Wall Street, celebrities, movie and TV stars and rock stars( wow! What a long list!)


The question is–can any of them stop a hurricane or a Tsunami or an earthquake? Can any of them blow out the forest fires blazing throughout Northern California (at the time of this writing) with a puff of breath as if they were blowing out candles on a birthday cake? Can any of them heal the damage humans have done to our ecosystem and restore mama nature back to her pristine, healthful state? Can any of them pass their hand over a person who is dying from a terminal illness and instantly heal them? Can any of them put an end to violence, or the abject poverty and hunger and starvation that half the world’s population experiences each day of their existence? Can any of them make peace on Earth a reality instead a meaningless slogan on Christmas cards? Now that would be powerful! Can any of them cure all the problems, all the imbalances, all the illnesses and diseases that are so prodigious and prevalent in our world they overwhelm the mind if one dares to open her or his eyes and even begin to acknowledge them?




Women have a Power greater 

than any power that men have 


                                                                     Skye Stanton Gold 


The vast majority of women have the power to grow life inside the physical body and nourish that new life from the moment it’s born. What can be more powerful than that?Sure women can’t do it without the 

contribution that men make.  But all us guys have to do is let loose a squadron of tiny sperm into a woman’s vagina, and if one of these guys manages to squiggle and butt its way into a woman’s egg and fertilize it, the man’s job is over and he can go back to doing whatever it is he’s doing that is so important that he doesn’t have to be around for the next twenty or so years to participate in raising“his child”. The womb is the incubator for life, for the continuation of our species, and the boys ain’t got one of those, which causes them no end of envy and resentment. Not that they would want to or be able to endure childbirth. 



Yes, sperm are essential, but in the overall scheme of things it’s a very minor role that is short lived, perhaps that’s why so many males feel free to walk out on their mates after the birth of their child during its infancy or adolescence, and play a minor role or no role at all in their off-spring’s lives. Women do all the hard, really important work, and in most cases that job lasts a lifetime. Even if a woman never has a child it’s still in the collective DNA. To repeat because it bears repeating, what is more important, more powerful than birthing new life and nourishing it? Without that ability there would be no human race.


Please understand this; we’re not advocating that women run out, get pregnant and have children. On the contrary, if this were a rational world, women would stop having babies until people stop doing mean, hurtful and cruel things to one another, until all the rapist’s, murderers, serial killers, terrorists and child molesters don’t exist anymore, until it is normal for every single child on Earth to have adequate shelter, clean water, and be safe, secure, well nourished, well treated, cared for and loved, and until all of the massive problems that the human race faces are resolved and we live in peace,  harmony, and sustainability. 






Now that we have that out of the way we are going to present a concept that is probably difficult for your linear mind to grasp, but we will do our best to simplify it.


In being gifted with the DNA and the ability to grow life, as well as the experience of birthing life from within the body, women have a Connection not long with one another but a Connection to a force, an intelligence beyond anything that the mind can comprehend. Please know that what we’re speaking of has nothing to do with religion, spirituality, or new or even old age dogma. If you can just put all those comparisons aside for a moment and bear with us.





We know you are not going to believe this, and any scientifically-inclined minds reading this will snicker and dismiss it as New Agey nonsense since there are thousands of years of evidence to the contrary, but there is another way of making things, of shaping our world, and having “things” happen that is at the core, the very essence of feminine consciousness and. It has to do with the Connection we speak of. 


The path to Connection has never been explored in our global societies because male consciousness does not consider it, won’t consider it since the male mind does not have the inner experience of creation, of life sprouting up and growing inside of them and of the outer experience of life birthing from within the body. It’s why male consciousness does not revere life, why there continues to be all too many men–(please note that we said “all to many” not all men; there are some really wonderful men who are great fathers, really good kindhearted, supportive males out there, we happen to be one of them–generation after generation without let up who are so violent, so heartless and destructive, devoid of the capacity to truly love. 


By Connection and developing feminine consciousness’s vast untapped potential of creation and transformation an awakened and evolved core of women can elevate humankind from being no better, and in many ways worse, than the other lifeforms we share this planet with, and who we believe we are so superior to.


The other reason that you are unaware of this all-powerful Connection is that the name of the game the “Boys” have played since our cave dwelling days, and continue to play in these early decades of the 21st century–even if they are not consciously aware of it–is to disempower women in subtle and not so subtle ways. Since men don’t have this connection they’ve done everything in their considerable worldly power to erase, discount and discredit even the merest notion of this concept from women’s conscious memory. Burning “witches” at the stake, verbal and physical abuse and the put down’s mentioned earlier are 

some of their more effective techniques, but there is a far more insidious

way that male consciousness has disempowered feminine consciousness that very, very few women realize.


In being subjugated, repressed and programmed by male consciousness century after century, and having to conform, adapt and obey the rules, laws and dictates that men created and demand, feminine consciousness has lost touch with its Connection to–call it a power, or a force beyond the linear mind’s ability to fathom. we know we‘re being repetitive but this a super important concept to reflect on if one is to move ahead in liberating one’s self from the socialized programed mind. This is something that only a relative handful down through the ages have managed to do. But the time has come to let the secret out. 


It’s the programmed, socialized mind, whose grasp of “reality” is limited to the five senses, that blocks and veils this Connection. It’s no wonder, given the programming and misinformation based on what male minds lacking this connection have disseminated and fed into humankind’s minds since our earliest days on Earth. 




Yes You Can!


© 2020 Lucia Grace, Skye Stanton Gold

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Another View…Of Just About Everything™


Women Power & Equality








One might call these concepts radical or revolutionary, but remember, the name of this blog is Another View™. What is being presented is a whole other take,  Another View™ of what you’ve been taught and have come to accept and believe about yourself, about the nature of reality, about power or your lack of it as a woman and well…just about everything. All that is asked is that you reflect on what you read here. Another View™ can open a heretofore closed window of discovery to the great untapped power inherent in you, and in all of feminine consciousness.


Part One concluded with the concept of Connection.


Looking at Connection from a different perspective, as a result of men’s disconnection from whatever force, whatever intelligence brought into being, not just our world, but everything external to it–our sun, moon and gravity for example–that make life on Earth possible–the dominant male consciousness are left with limited beliefs (which they foist on the entire human population) as to the nature of reality and therefor a limited belief of humankind’s power, especially women’s power, abilities and potential. This limited belief as the only possibility, the only “reality” means that everything male consciousness has created–and continues to hatch–comes from outside themselves. 


In our world, given the cement-like belief in the nature and therefore the limits of ‘reality’–overseen by the omnipresent domain of the scientific community–in order to make and have things, materials are required and it takes effort; labor, be it in the form of a single person, persons or workforce, or machine or robot–which also requires time, energy, monetary resources, effort and materials to manufacture. But there is a whole other way to “Create” that has never been explored, since it has been denied to the male species on Earth.


In not having the experience or connection that females have of life growing inside of them–a power which they have always resented and envied women for–and their reason consciously or not for “birthing” Artificial Intelligence–something with the potential to bring humankind to its knees or so some of the Boys in Silicon Valley fear) males cannot comprehend that it is possible to create any other way than the way they’ve been doing it since our species first started creating havoc from the moment they inhabited this magnificent blue planet and the violence and destruction began. And because male consciousness has dominated our world and our lives–and have done everything in their power throughout history to blot out this Connection from female minds–this is what we accept as “reality”, as “man’s”  limitations.

Skye Stanton Gold



Men would have you believe that the known Universe–estimated at “about” two trillion galaxies, each with “about 100 million stars in the average galaxy” ( each galaxy with untold planets including our very own planet, and our very own sun that gives everything on Earth and all living things, life, let alone our planet’s ability to sustain life and feed us–all just happened by chance, a random occurrence–what they call “the big bang–or was created by a male god in what must have been seven very busy days. Also just happening by chance are the trillions of cells in our bodies that are continually dying and being reborn. Then add to that the mind-blowing fact that everything, and We mean everything, all those galaxies, stars, planets and cells are in constant perfect motion–how’s that for choreographing a ballet! 


If what you want to believe is the male version of “reality”, that’s fine with us. We understand that appearances are on the side of humankind’s limited view. But as we see it, the truth is that our minds and therefore our perceptions are limited to a very narrow band-wave bound by and limited to only five senses. For example, we rely on our eyes to provide a large chunk of what we view as “reality”. Since everyone looks to science for “proof”, in a book review in the Wall Street Journal written by a professor of physics at Mass Dartmouth titled All the Light We Cannot See he states that– 


the eye is sensitive to only a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves and X-rays, for example, are forms of ‘light’ as well, only with wavelengths too long or too short to trigger our retinal cells. Our blinkered view leaves us oblivious to a host of emanations that are nonetheless critical to our understanding of the universe.”


This is just one tiny piece of a puzzle that despite all that we think we know, in terms of the “big picture”, we really don’t know anything because male consciousness has been focusing solely on the outer, exterior, material world. 


Truly knowing–and experiencing–the so-called mysteries of the Universe, can only be accessed beyond the limits of the socialized, programmed and conditioned mind. And this is where feminine consciousness is light years ahead, of male consciousness. It’s in the inner world, beyond the five senses that feminine consciousness excels, although this gift for the most part remains unwrapped save perhaps for “women’s intuition” which is just the very tippy-top of a bottomless ice berg.  


The truth is that the dominant consciousness in our world knows nothing about the true nature of “Reality”.  Sure humans can transplant a heart, send men into space, put a space station in orbit, and send a probe to our sun’s core. But what We know for certain, based on my own experience over the last 30+ years, everything that We’ve described didn’t happen by chance, or a random “big bang” as scientists theorize how our universe was formed. And before the ‘big bang’ there was nothing? Come on folks. In fact what we see as “nothing” is in fact ‘something’, as these same scientific minds are discovering. 


We’re not asking that you take us at our word. The only way for you or anyone else to be sure is not to be told or preached about it, but to discover and experience the Connection we speak of (and at the risk of being repetitive, We just want to make sure you understand that this has nothing to do with religion, spirituality or any new or old age dogma) for yourself


What it is about is DIRECT EXPERIENCE. And how do you do that?














Skye Stanton Gold






Well, first you have to acknowledge that there is a creative Intelligence that has nothing to do with human intelligence. Call it a Universal Intelligence, a Divine Intelligence or just an Intelligence. “IT”–actually “SHE”, but let’s keep that our secret for now–is so far beyond any name, concept, or description and is far, far greater than our mind’s limited perceptions can even begin to fathom or comprehend that the only way to even begin to get “IT” as We’ve, said is to experience“IT”–which is not easy, but not as difficult or impossible as you might think or have been lead to believe. 


We tried looking for synonyms for Intelligence, but no other word really worked. In order to differentiate the Intelligence We speak of from human intelligence, and the religious/spiritual realm, instead of going with Divine Intelligence which We prefer, We’m going to go with Exponential Intelligence.


What males can’t or don’t want to see, is that they have it backwards. If this Exponential  Intelligence were to have a gender She would be the same gender as the incubators of life on Earth, whether those female incubators be humans, whales, wolfs or any of the other life forms that inhabit and share this planet with us. In broader terms we can relate to, She would be the Mother or if you prefer, the Progenitor of what we see as space and everything we can perceive in it, including so-called black holes; and he would be the Father of the suns that compose the Universe’s star packed galaxies; an important, but still secondary role.  But if this is off-putting we can stay with Exponential  Intelligence  and leave it at that.






In order to Connect with this Exponential Intelligence you need to go beyond your programed, socialized, conditioned mind and tune into your inner knowing. Not easy when that same mind is churning out 50-000-75,000 thoughts non-stop day and night at the dame time as you are multitasking and having your attention directed outward. But as We said, not impossible, and it’s certainly worth the effort, for it is this Connection that is the female gender’s Untapped Power of Transformation and Creation–The Power Of Leading the Way and Creating Meaningful Changeof totally transforming how humankind lives and inter-relates with one another in our world, different in every conceivable way then how humans have lived for many thousands of years in the global societies that male consciousness created and still dominates. 






Yes we know, our so-called linear-rational minds–which are neither linear and certainly not rational–will scoff and discount, dismiss and disparage this notion because it has been programmed to do so for as long as humans have been on Earth, equating this concept with fairy dust. But consider this–men have devoted 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of years and countless hours and massive amounts of energy to the material world, to doing things their limited way and it’s been a brutal, bloody, destructive journey, and it’s not taken humankind to a good place. 


Since it’s the only way they know how, men’s total reliance on making “things” solely thru external means to the exclusion of “inner creation” has kept human evolution–in terms of consciousness–stuck in its primitive aggressor state century after century up to and including the moment you are reading this.


Something else for you to consider. Not one nano-second has been devoted to igniting womankind’s Connection to an Exponential Intelligence that is far, far greater than the mind’s limited perceptions, experience and beliefs can even begin to fathom or imagine.


You are, every women is, the embodiment of Exponential Intelligence . People love challenges, well, the challenge is to Reconnect with her, with yourself, with Exponential Intelligence. That is where real and true power lies awaiting your call.


We recently read that there is an “international collaboration involving a 1000 scientists from more than 30 countries (that) aims to answer the question: ‘Are mysterious particles called neutrinos the reason we are here?’  ” USA Today  


About eight years ago Goggle “offered $20 million to $30 Million to the first privately funded team to operate a lunar rover on the moon” But that amount is peanuts compared to the money and the brain power being spent and devoted to “making space travel (and space tourism) more routine” and “developing a lunar village where humans from several countries will live and work” so the the vast commercial potential of the moon can be exploited, and untold big bucks can be made. All above quotes from AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE September/October 2017.


What if our species devoted the same amount of time, the same amount of energy the same resources that male consciousness has devoted to projects like this and to fighting wars and creating weapons of mass destruction, or building multi-million dollar hypercars that can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour in mere seconds, or building corporate empires, or putting a human colony on Mars, or any of the other myriad pursuits male consciousness has pursued over the centuries, and devoted its collective time, energy and resources on Connecting with the Inherent Powers in Feminine Consciousness?  What kind of world would we be living in? What kind of life would you and your loved one’s be living?


If this concept is too off the charts for you to even reflect on, know that feminine consciousness has the power of joy and laughter, no little thing is our conflict-riddled, fearful, troubled world. We know it’s difficult but the joy that resides deep in women’s hearts can nourish our souls and illuminate humankind’s lives like the sun breaking through the clouds on a gray, overcast day, bathing our world in it’s magical golden light.


Women have the POWER of Sisterhood if a core of forward thinking women let go of all the myriad differences that male consciousness has programmed into your minds that keep women separate and divided. An awakened, evolving united Sisterhood has the power to move mountains. A united Sisterhood has the POWER to put an end to global conflict, and that's just for starters.


Women have the power of WISDOM. The essence of Feminine Consciousness is far wiser than male consciousness. It’s no contest, not even in the same galaxy.


Perhaps the most important power that feminine consciousness has resides in the heart.  

© 2020, Skye Stanton Gold 



Feminine consciousness has the POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


We know how difficult it is to feel loving, and how frightening it is to open your heart in the world that male consciousness created and dominates. Especially if you are trying to survive and thrive and make your way in their world. In terms of relationships, the majority of time love and pain are synonymous in our global cultures. But there is no greater power than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Not just on Earth, but in the Universe, and throughout the vast, unfathomable, seemingly infinite reaches of what we call ‘space’. Back down on Earth there is even scientific proof that Love can improve cardiovascular health (more on that in a future blogs on Love).


An awakened, evolved, Loved based, Connected Feminine Consciousness will have the power, the wisdom, the strength and the ability to create a world where Love can thrive, where Unconditional Love is the norm, where it is safe and secure to open the heart to Love and be Loved in return, where the predominant feeling people feel is Love, where Love is everlasting.


Humankind is running out of time; in our planets ability to sustain life as we’ve known it since our species first inhabited our earthly home, and in the loss of our humanity as Artificial Intelligence and digital driven Virtual Reality lay the foundation for an age when more and more control of humankind’s lives are out of human hands, moving us as a species into a cold, heartless electronic existence, when almost every aspect of a person’s life driven by software. Sounds like science fiction, but planned or not, humans have been moving in this direction for many decades. 


We are moving into a time when–and it’s not as far away as you think–the ‘modern’ human has no actual heart.  Instead“Love” is programmed in to the semi-virtual human as concept, not an experience, because machines since they don’t have a “heart” can’t know love. Ask your Smartphone or your tablet or computer to give you a kiss, to hug you when you’re feeling vulnerable or unloved, or just put its arms around you when you comfort. 


Why we’m taking the considerable time–and well, We like to write although We prefer writing fiction, writing the introductory blogs really isn’t a bother–to launch this blog and Connect with intelligent caring women who truly want to make a difference in this world, who are wise enough, awake enough, aware enough to see that this world is very broken, but not beyond repair.  


The reason we’m doing this aside from having admiration and love for feminine consciousness, and for being so grateful that women exist–your collective presence has made life on Earth bearable for us–is that if there is even a prayer that our world can be fixed, a core of awakened, evolved women can do it.  We don’t just believe this We know it.  


Just think of what an achievement it would be for feminine consciousness to put an end to war, to global hostilities–which We admit certainly looks impossible–but you can do it. 


You Can Do It  You Can Do It   You Can Do It  Yes You Can™ 


Men are in the throes of creating human colonies on the moon and on Mars. Quite an achievement. But what they haven’t been able to do with all their so called knowhow, is stop fighting, stop killing, stop all conflict and live in love, cooperation, unison and harmony. That to us is an accomplishment worthy of the highest honor and the greatest admiration and respect from every single person on Earth who would reap the benefits of living in a non-violent, safe and secure world. Wouldn’t it be something to experience what it feels like to live in world like that! 


You Can Do It  You Can Do It   You Can Do It  Yes You Can™


Until now the empowerment movement’s focus has been on “equality”.  Even in the highly unlikely event that women were to attain parity with men the world wouldn’t change very much.  


As long as the underlying core consciousness remains unchanged, life on Earth at the very least will not be any better, any less conflict and fear riddled, any less savage, any less aggressive and destructive. 


Equality would not put an end to acts of terror, to war, to suffering, to illness and disease, to the tsunami of stress that is everyone’s daily dose, to massive global hunger and poverty, to acts of violence and cruelty, to hate, to rape and sex trafficking, to corruption, to conflict, to separation and loneliness, to the need to consume copious amounts of alcohol or take recreational drugs and prescription medications to mediate the pain and depression, that eats away at so many of Earth’s inhabitants. 


Equality won’t change the alienation of our young from parents and society, or to the rampant destruction of our fragile, ailing eco-system, or to the continued addiction and dependance on energy depleting and humanity sapping technology that consumes our daily lives, or halt the rapid march to the time when the “Boys” in Silicon Valley hand over control to artificial intelligence, and AI rules our lives. 


It’s time to go acknowledge the incredible, mind-boggling accomplishments that women have attained in what is just an eye blink of time compared century upon century when men barred women from everything outside the home and move beyond striving for equality, and make a huge leap up to the realm of LEADERSHIP.


What will transform and truly liberate not just the lives of human beings, of a global “us”,  but all of life on Earth, is a shift from the primitive male consciousness that has always ruled humankind’s lives and dominated our world to an awakened, evolved feminine consciousness that has the knowing and the power of transformation and creation. An evolved consciousness empowered to create a whole new way of living and being on Mother Earth, in harmony with each other and our magnificent blue planet, the space ship that is our home in the vast unfathomable reaches of this universe.


If male consciousness created the world we live in, feminine consciousness can uncreate it, can transform it, can create a world that is truly a joy to live in.


As far as we know the concepts we are putting forth have never been presented before, and radical ideas take time to filter into one’s consciousness. It’s just one step at a time. There is a saying  that with determination and focus impossibility morphs into possibility, which then moves into probability, which evolves into Certainty.


Throughout history women have always played a supporting–and in some aspects a submissive–role in the world that male consciousness dominates and controls. For the most part far too many women are still stuck in that role under the sway of being allowed to play in the “boys” games, in the sway of the power that the male dominated media has over women’s mind’s, be it print or electronic, and the addictive and often nefarious nature of technology. So it’s time; time for women to make a quantum leap and awaken, and evolve and stop chasing after equality or continue playing a supporting role in our global societies, and be supported if only by each other–in leading a global transformation brought into being by–


A transfer of power

A shift from a DOMINANT, ALL CONSUMING, male centric

consciousness to a female based consciousness



Yes You Can!


© 2020 Lucia Grace, Skye Stanton Gold 

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Another View…Of Just About Everything™

Women Power & Equality













What has Imagination got to do

with Women Power & Equality?

As it turns out quite a lot!

A very, very long time ago when Skye was a budding screen writer he was hired by an Italian Film Producer based in New York to write a film script centered on an idea he’d had. Giovanni was looking to make his mark in Hollywood, and the hype was that this was to be the screenplay for Ron Howard’s inaugural directorial debut (which will give you an idea of just how long ago that was). This was also to be his big break, his entree into the ranks of screenwriters whose scripts actually got made into films.   

Giovanni was short and rotund, rough around the edges, but he was a larger than life, gruff-spoken, conniver who could cajole tight fisted investors out of their last dollar, or wheedle a chuck of cash out of his less than savory ‘acquaintances’ sipping espresso in darkened storefronts in Little Italy, and certain other neighborhoods in Brooklyn that have long since been gentrified .

The film was never made, but Giovanni gave Skye a gift that keeps on giving and giving. One day, when the both of them were up on the rooftop terrace outside the penthouse Giovanni was renting in a townhouse just off Washington Square. Rumor had it that the Astor’s had once owned this building during their heyday, but by the time the following scene took place its glory days were long since gone.

Giovanni’s wife, a tall, soulful, small town Southern California native, the polar opposite of him in almost every way, had planted a garden on the terrace as a sanctuary and refuge from the chaos and cacophony and concrete of the bustling city.

On occasion, Skye would meet with Giovanni on the terrace to let him know how he was progressing with the screenplay and to discuss any changes that were required. Once that was out of the way Giovanni would shift into high gear with his vision for the film–more like sermons on the mount. Skye didn’t really need or want Giovanni’s inspirational talks, he was in screenwriter heaven, with a team that continually transcribed his misspelled and typo-filled, manual-typewriter-written output (this after all took place in the dark ages before computers if you can even conceive of such a time) on their 

electric typewriters. Best of all, at the time it seemed that this screenplay would actually make it to the silver screen. Giovanni couldn’t resist any opportunity to unleash his fervent pep talks and Skye usually just let him rattle on. But this time Skye was in for a big surprise.













The terrace had a rather expansive view to the North. On the day in question,  an unusually clear, lovely late spring day, Giovanni pointed towards the Empire State Building looming in the distance. In his course, thick Italian accent that somehow softened as the words came tumbling out of his mouth, he said, “Marco”–for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to call Skye Skye–“You see a dat”…He looked Skye straight in the eyes, then when he was sure Skye was paying attention, he glided his hand in a backward arc, its pointed finger circling away from the what was once the tallest building (or close to it) in the world, to the right side of his head, “dat a come from in a here.” 

Forgive our crude attempt at mimicking his accent. But Skye can still see and hear him in his head as Skye we write this because Skye’s never forgotten those few words, or the passion and certainty with which Giovanni spoke them.


The day Giovani pointed to the Empire State Building and spoke those words he gifted Skye with an incredible, life-altering, illuminating concept, and even though Skye didn’t know it at the time his world view expanded exponentially.

Skye didn’t grasp the significance of what Giovanni was saying at the time because Skye wasn’t capable of it–yet–but that revelation might have been the spark that seeded his evolutionary journey to a more aware, more evolved, more connected consciousness. 

I also didn’t have a clue at the time that what was in store for this budding screenwriter was a rather extraordinary, incredible life-journey with Lucia Grace, the most remarkable person, male or female Skye have ever met, ever heard about, or read about. 

What Skye came to know and experience is that everything in our outer world begins in our Imaginations, everything in our outer world comes from WITHIN US. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world. It’s such a simple concept but generation after generation with all that is known, our species can’t seem to get it. 



If you want to know what is brewing in our societal and personal imaginations, just read or listen to the news, or look at the state of the world, at the state of your own life and people’s lives in general. 

But please do it without judgement, as if you were an outside neutral observer, or as if you were in the audience watching a film or a play.

If one were to look at life on Earth as a game human beings play, Humankind has been playing a game imagined and brought into being by male consciousness since our primitive ancestors took their first breath, and it’s been a centuries long blood bath and terrifying horror show. 

Male consciousness’s game has created century after century of pain and suffering and fear and anger and terror. In all likelihood there has never been even a nano-second without conflict, without violence, without pain and suffering, without a women or a child getting raped or abused somewhere on the planet. 

It’s time Women of Wisdom–an awakened, evolved core of feminine consciousness that has shed thousands of years of programming and conditioning, begins to Imagine a new game, a new way of living that reflects the true essence of feminine consciousness; the love, the caring and nurturance, the joy and the superior wisdom and the reverence for life that has been denied expression since humans and the species they evolved from, have populated Earth.

If we want a different world we have to

Imagine It.

If we want to live in, and raise children in, a better, kinder, safer, joyous, compassionate, healthy, peaceful, harmonious, secure, sustainable world, we have to 
Imagine It.

Imagination is one of the two most powerful tools you–and every other women on Earth–have at your disposal

Imagination–what we dream of, think of and see in our minds eye–is how we continually create the world we live in. Both our individual personal worlds and the collective world at large is a reflection of what we are thinking and feeling and picturing in our minds. 



Before there was an Empire State building or any other towering skyscraper, before there was an automobile, a dress, a weapon, a smartphone or the electronic/digital device you are reading this on, or the Mercedes in the photo, it was Imagined in someone’s mind. 

Our inner world creates our outer world. 


The three dimensional world that we perceive with our five senses and experience as “reality” is a product of our Imaginations.

In order to have a different world whose inhabitants live in peace and harmony with one another and all of life, and in sustainability with this magnificent blue planet that is our earthly home in the vast reaches of space, we have to 

Imagine It.

In the past men have dreamed of creating empires, of amassing great wealth and power, of dominating and controlling others, of conquering and enslaving nations, of building sprawling cities and monolithic corporations. In fact they imagined the world we live in. You may not realize it, but practically everything in your life and how you live, and how future generations will live–for they are imaging humankind’s future–is a product of man’s imagination and a reflection of the dominant, pervasive male consciousness.


A Different Vision. 

As impossible as it may sound, we can have a world that is calm and peaceful, that is safe, that is healthy, caring and compassionate, a world where fear is unknown because there is nothing to fear, where war and environmental destruction is a distant memory from the past because people live in harmony and balance with each other and all of nature. 
                                                               If history and appearances say it can’t be done, then……  


Imagine It

It’s up to you, and women and supportive men like you who care about a better world a better life for every women, every child every man. There are no followers or leaders here. If anyone would take the time to notice, leaders and followers don’t work, have never worked, and in fact have caused and continues to cause a great deal of misery, suffering and violence. 








The difficulty and the challenge in visioning a wholly different world are the limits and constraints that have been imposed practically since birth, on everyone’s Imagination. Human minds have been filled and are constantly fed with what is familiar generation after generation, with what has taken place in the world that male consciousness created, which keeps your Imagination inside the box so to speak. 

There is has been, and continues to be little or no fundamental change whatsoever in human behavior and human interaction because this is the only way of living on planet Earth that people know. What you are taught in school, what you see and read, every aspect of the media and entertainment is based on our past, which determines the present, upon which the future is projected. It’s the same old, same old consciousness, the same old way of seeing and doing things that has never changed and resides underneath the cloak of new clothes and new tech in our so-called “modern world”.

We can’t imagine a more civilized, a more evolved way of living and interacting and interrelating because it had never, ever existed between human’s on Earth. 

It’s the same with what it would be like if our world, our global societies were conceived and brought into being by Feminine Consciousness. So we base and imagine everything on what we know, and what we’ve been taught and therefore experience. That is why in the most fundamental way human behavior has not evolved since primitive times and why we live in world dominated by aggression, fear, anger, endless conflict, violence, and abuse of power in so called “real life”, which is echoed in the many forms that fiction, be it classic novels, film, TV or video games presents itself.



To help you get started in liberating your IMAGINATION so  you can begin visioning a wholly different world, a world created by an awakened, evolved FEMININE Consciousness we’ve written a ground-breaking novel 

The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED™.


The Power Women Diaries–in the future segments–was created to give your IMAGINATION free rein, to unlock it, and open it up to unlimited possibilities, to a world that reflects the essence of feminine consciousness. 


The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED™.–in the future segments–provides a window that allows the reader to look into a civilization created by women who are awakened, evolved and truly empowered. It illustrates what it would feel like, would look like, and what it would be like to live in that world.

The Power Women Diaries™



WOMEN have the power, the wisdom and the ability to create unprecedented global change, but before this transformation can begin a major Awakening in Feminine Consciousness has to happen. 

The key to this transformation and awakening is feeding the Imagination–not the same rehash of the same old stories but–a wholly different way of living, being and inter-relating with one another that is distinctly feminine consciousness based, and is different in every conceivable way then humankind's troubled past and present, and the continuation of the destructive, conflict-filled, insecure, fear and anxiety-riddled, stressful, technology dominated, future male consciousness envisions and is in the process of implementing at close to warp speed. 







A few years after the events of 9/11 were just beginning to subside in our collective memories, my Beloved Lucia Grace had a brilliant idea. Seemingly out of the blue she turned to Skye and said– 

“Skye, what if everyone who was violent, mean, cruel, abusive, and corrupt, suddenly vanished overnight?  

What if suddenly there were no criminals, no rapists, no serial killers, no armies, no bullies, no heartless,

morally bankrupt CEO’s, no corrupt politicians or government officials, no terrorists, no hate mongers?

And given the sudden disappearance of what would surely be a large percentage of Earth’s population,

the majority of whom I’m certain would be male, what if woman, or rather, ‘feminine consciousness’, now

had the opportunity to recreate the world we live in anew? You know, totally recreate how humankind lives

on Earth, as if from a Tabula Rasa, a blank slate; so that absolutely nothing would be the same as it’s

been since our primitive alpha male ancestors stepped out of their damp caves, started bludgeoning

each other, destroying and killing everything insight, and taking control of the show on our planet.” 

"It isn’t often that a single book can change your whole perspective of the world- but The Night the

Boys All Vanished can and did! I love that a few hours of reading inspires you to imagine a different,

more peaceful and beautiful world. As an expectant mother, I found myself inspired by the idea that

my child could grow up in a world much better than the one we currently live in. I absolutely can’t

wait for the other novels in this series and I hope everyone gets a chance to read this inspiring story."  

 Lauren McBride, expectant mother (at the time of her review)

What hatched from Lucia Grace’s idea after long years of gestation is an entertaining page-turner, that at its core is a blueprint for the creation of a whole new paradigm in relation to Women, Power and Planetary Transformation.  


This book is the first in a trilogy that blends drama, suspense, adventure and sensuality with a vision of a future reality not based on our violent past, our destructive, conflict riddled present, or the dark, precipitous future we are racing towards. The Power Women Diaries is no ordinary trilogy–it has the potential to elevate empowerment to a whole new level and transform the lives of countless women and supportive men worldwide right now in the present–and therefore the promise of a brighter future for the generations to come.

“I love this book. There are passages I intend to read over and over again. The idea that

women/‘feminine consciousness’ could/would ‘recreate’ a new glorious world was brought

so vividly to life, I was only disappointed when I learned ‘to be continued’ meant a future

book when what I wanted was more - right now! I can’t wait until it’s made into a movie.”      

Susan Lee Hecht: Marathoner, Triathlete

“This suspenseful page-turner is so taught, so well-written, I could not put it down. After

reading this novel I had the feeling that we can do it! YES! Women are better, smarter,

stronger, wiser!  YES! We can change the world and get it right this time! This is one book

that is going to remain in print for generations of women.”  Kali McIntyr

"The writing is very, very powerful. This book really opened my eyes to what women can do."  

Kelsang Chondzin, Buddhist nun, respected Buddhist teacher            
"I’ve bought copies of the book for all my friends."  
                                       Peggy Long, former Catholic nun

“The Night the Boys All Vanished” would make a fantastic movie, I would love to see it on the

big screen.”    Edith McClure

“This beautifully written book not only captivates and entertains, more than any other book

I’ve read I feel that this novel can and will enable women to finally make a powerful difference

in healing the Earth as well as ourselves.”   
                                                         Patrick Mouton; Café Owner. Event Planner

This is a trilogy that mothers will want to pass on to their daughters, and friends to friends, generation after generation, and which can become a permanent fixture in 

woman’s study courses. Much in the same way the feminists in the 1960’s paved the way for the benefits and freedoms women enjoy today, so too are we in the early stages of a new era for womankind.

The Power Women Diaries: Sara’s Story; THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED is currently available as an eBook. To purchase a copy please go to our web site–

Yes You Can!

© 2020, Skye Stanton Gold  Lucia Grace